The Art of Concrete: Enhancing Durability for Portland Homes

In our city, surrounded by beautiful green spaces and plenty of rain, we all aim to make our homes as perfect as possible. But there’s one crucial part that often gets overlooked – the concrete that holds everything together. Just laying down concrete isn’t enough; placing it correctly is key. Properly placed and finished concrete doesn’t just look nicer; it will also be stronger and last longer, adding real value and quality to your home.

Living in Portland means dealing with our unique weather, which can be hard on buildings and the surroundings. That’s why choosing building methods that stand the test of time is so important. Top-notch and well-placed concrete can tackle these challenges head-on, ensuring that your patios, driveways, and walkways stay looking good and working well, season after season.

Let’s break down why getting your concrete right matters so much:

  • Start by preparing the base, concrete slabs should be placed on a minimum of 3” of compacted crushed gravel and excavation should be down to undisturbed native soil. 
  • Grade of the finished slab should drain away from buildings at a minimum of 1” per 10’ to allow for positive drainage. 
  • The storm water created by any new hard surface should drain to a proper storm management system to prevent erosion.
  • Concrete slabs should be reinforced with rebar, wire mesh or fiber mesh. 

Professional Concrete Finish:

  • Proper finishing by experienced concrete professionals is essential using proper tools and techniques. There is a difference and you, your friends and family will be able to identify a good, finished product and one that’s subpar. Concrete only gives you one chance to get it right.  
  • A professional quality concrete contractor will be able to offer many different concrete finishes, color and textures matching it to your home’s style or your personal taste. This offers tons of options for customizing your outdoor areas.

Why go through all this effort?

  • Opting for professional concrete work isn’t just about function and maintenance ; it’s a wise choice that enhances your home’s value and appearance. In Portland, where we all value durability, this step is crucial.
  • A well-done concrete job showcases the effort put into your home, making it stronger, more attractive, and a place you’re excited to show off.

In Portland, where we’re known for our stunning natural scenery and quality of life, making sure every part of your home is durable, functional, and beautiful is a way to express your pride in your living space. So, let’s not overlook the concrete around your home and the value that well-constructed concrete driveways, patios walkways and stairs will add. 

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