The Wall was fantastic to work with from end to end. We had a retaining wall and patio job quoted by Jake in April for adding color to a rather aggressive hill, and creating a sitting area to enjoy nature’s surroundings. The retaining wall was to be done in recycled concrete, and the patio was to be done in stamped concrete.

Cal and Carlos showed up as scheduled to do a site walk in June, and even then, my wife and I had no idea what we were getting into. Carlos scratched his head a bit at the magnitude of the retaining wall job and Cal talked us through the patio process.

Little did we know that the retaining wall to be built would be built by hand by master craftsmen who meticulously smashed reclaimed, recycled concrete into puzzle pieces using hammers and chisels of various sizes, and mortared them intricately into a fantastic masterpiece of a hillside.

Carlos as the all-seeing director, Jonathan (sp?) as the experienced, well traveled craftsman, and Michael as the eager, hard-working understudy became a regular, welcome site over the course of the three weeks they spent crafting our retaining wall.

Adam and his crew on cement did a fantastic job of taking us a final time through the exact lines of the patio, clearing and leveling the area, laying out the patio borders (props to Garrett), and building a fantastic patio on a handful of days in-between.

But it was the three master craftsmen that were onsite before 8am every day for 3 weeks - smashing and crafting rocks - who really earned the Rock Building Badasses title in my book of folks.

Hopefully they read this review - and hopefully they know our thanks for their tireless efforts crafting the masterpiece that will certainly last the test of time.

Thanks, gents…and thank you, The Wall!

M & B


I would like to contact you regarding the recent work that your company did replacing our retaining wall.

First, the wall looks really great.  We had fairly high hopes for this replacement but our hopes were exceeded by a good amount.  Great Job!

Second, the guys on your crew - Carlos, Michael and John were great.  They knew their job, they were all good communicators, and they worked really hard.  There was no goofing off or taking shortcuts.  This is very hard physical work and often the guys who undertake this sort of job find ways to do just the acceptable minimum.  Or, they quit once something easier comes along.  Your crew was proud of the results of their work - and so were we.

Third, your "point man", David was really good to work with.  He understood what we had in mind, offered a variety of alternative suggestions (many of which we incorporated into the project) and he was a good communicator throughout the process.  Also, there seemed to be really good rapport between him and the crew.

All in all it seems that you are doing the right things to keep your business operating successfully.  We appreciate your work and would be happy to show off your/our wall to anyone who wants to see the results of your efforts.

All the best to you and your team.

Steve and Karen Hall
Tigard, OR

Thanks for a job well done.

I want to thank everyone at “The Wall” for a job well done. I had a retaining wall built along a portion of my property line that reached 72-feet in length and 3- to 4-feet in height. In addition to being a “retaining” wall construction needed to accommodate a 6-foot high “privacy” fence. I received several bids for building the retaining wall. The bid received from Rick McCutcheon was slightly less then half the price of the other (two) bids received.

Brandon Yetter and his crew did a tremendous job on the wall. I especially appreciated the effort made by Brandon (and everyone else at the wall, for that matter) and their willingness to work with Rick’s Fencing to bring the project to a satisfactory conclusion. To that end, modifications to the wall needed to be made. Brandon explained what he and his team typically do and kept me well informed about the construction process as well as the necessary modifications needed to accommodate a 6-foot high fence. Once construction started, Brandon and his crew saw the job through to completion. There were no delays or schedule bumps. The job site was cleaned up at the end of each day. The day after completion it was like they were never there.

I’m here to testify that “the wall” looks great. I could not be happier with everyone involved. I made the right choice in selecting THE WALL for my construction needs. Their desire to provide a product that I was completely happy with is greatly appreciated.

Larry Zumwalt

Thank you for a great job

Hello … We recently had “The Wall” replace our old driveway retaining wall and front porch steps. We’re really happy with the result … Brandon and his crew did a wonderful job for us. They were quick and professional. They even managed to do the job with minimal disruption to our peace and quiet. We asked for a minor adjustment on the steps and it was done quickly and cleanly. We love our new wall and our new steps.
This was a very positive experience for us and we highly recommend “The Wall” to anyone looking for this kind of work.

Annie and Ted Vandehey

We would like to personally thank your foreman, George Colon and the other workers that installed our 90′ recycled concrete wall in March.  They first had to remove our old wood retaining wall before starting work on the new wall.  That in itself was a hard project.  Everyone worked so hard on this project day in and day out.  We appreciate their professionalism, workmanship and detail work that they provided on this project.

Last weekend we had our family come over for Easter, we received nothing but praises on this new addition to our backyard.

Please pass on a special “thank you” to all of those involved on our wall.


Tom & Debbi Musser

Hi Rick,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you as we are officially finished with our sidewalk and driveway approach. I am just so grateful to you, Chris, Tyler, Miles, Jacob, Cliff and Kristin!!! Everyone was helpful, professional and extremely kind throughout the entire process. As you might remember, re-doing our sidewalk was not something we had planned for so the fact that everyone at The Wall was so awesome made the situation much less crazy for our family. We are 100% pleased with the finished work!!!

We will absolutely be connecting with you all as soon as we are ready to take on our next concrete or wall project.


Heather Ashlock

We would like to commend your team at The Wall for the work you performed for us.

Communication within your company appears to be a very strong priority. Chris did an excellent job of keeping us informed and updated so we always knew what to expect. Our project included other trade contractors, your team communicated well with them to coordinate scheduling so the work could flow smoothly. When one of the contractors got off schedule, your team quickly adjusted accordingly. Your team seems to communicate well amongst themselves especially during a pour, working like a well oiled machine.

We were very impressed in dealing with all of your workers. They wanted to do their best and they did the best work. Each day your crew showed op on time and ready to work. They worked well together as a team and as individuals when working independently. They were polite and respectful. There was always someone on site who was in charge and able to address our questions or concerns and they did so cheerfully and professionally. When changes or adjustments to our plan needed to be made your team made it happen. They were very helpful in making suggestions to create the best possible design and appearance. We felt like they really wanted to make us happy and always did their best to keep us that way. Pride in craftsmanship impressed us the most. Edgar readily made corrections and adjustments to make sure things were done well and looked good. Cement work by nature is dusty and dirty. Our project included removing and replacing large areas of concrete and excavating for new areas. The Wall team did their very best to minimize the mess. Each night before leaving the job site they swept, picked up and cleaned the area leaving it in the best possible condition.

Thank you for your diligence and a job well done. We were extremely satisfied from the beginning to the end of our project.

Don and Gina Angell

We recently had The Wall do a retaining wall project; this was the second time we had The Wall do work for us. Almost exactly 20 years ago they built our original retaining wall and as with the recent project, we’re extremely pleased with the result.

The crew from The Wall has hard-working, courteous and efficient.

We would not hesitate to recommend The Wall to anyone seeking to build a retaining wall that will look good and last a long, long time.


Sanae Ota & Chris Carlson

Rick, George and team,

We want to thank you all – Dave, Evan, Gage, George, Rick and Troy – for doing such a wonderful job with our recent blue stone project! Everyone worked very well as a team, each bringing your own strengths and utilizing them to enhance and help each other to maximize your collective effort to produce an excellent product for us. We are very pleased with the quality and the way our new patio and pathway looks. It was all done with much professionalism, attention to detail and everyone presented with a positive attitude, were very competent and communicated very well – with each other and with me! You are easy to talk with and clearly explained any issues that arose as well as trouble shooting solutions at all times while keeping our goals and vision foremost in mind! You cleaned up the work area impeccably everyday which was very much appreciated! Your attention to detail was perfect!

This is the third project for which we have contracted with The Wall and in each case the people have exemplified the epitome in customer service and quality. Thank you all!!


Ken and Deby Dwinell

We sincerely appreciate your artistic and very professional effort in realizing our dream. The results are spectacular!

Thomas Gornick, Portland, Oregon

Our thanks to Brandon and his team for the great work they did installing our retaining walls. The final look and quality of the work is outstanding.

As important, I want to commend the crew for the way they did the work always onsite early put in a full day, courteous and kept the site neat. Our family has built two custom home and this crew was one of the very best. I appreciate the patience and time they took to answer questions and explain the process. Finally thanks to David on Friday for taking extra time to find the right solution to finish off the project.

Rick, The Wall was the right choice real pros! We would recommend the company and this crew to any customer.

Dave and Holly Gould Stayton, Oregon

Your team started our project, completed it with no disruption to our daily existence, and gave us a wonderful start to our landscaping project.

Kelley White Hillsboro, Oregon

In a world where you prepare for the worst, and hope for the best, a company like The Wall is a very pleasant surprise.

Joel Goldsmith Portland, Oregon

In short, I would say The Wall is to the construction industry what Nordstrom is to the retail industry. I hope you are able to have the same impact on your industry that Nordstrom has had on theirs! Thank you.

George and Deby Dwinell Westlinn, Oregon

They were careful with my property, took pride in their work, and made sure I was happy with the results. I appreciate their workmanship, their attitude, and work ethic.

Shelly Laurance Portland, Oregon

Please pass along my compliments to Bill for his customer service and great attitude.

Janis Miglas Sherwood, Oregon

It was very helpful working with someone so knowledgeable and able to clearly and simply explain the job. Your sense of humor was delightful as well.

Janna Cook Portland, Oregon

I give The Wall my highest recommendation.

Paul Thomas Portland, Oregon

I would have no hesitancy in recommending your company to friends.

Joan Piper Portland, Oregon

We love our walls, patio, and pathway. You guys created a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, outdoor environment.

Mike and Jill Carulli Portland, Oregon

The retaining wall that was just finished is in our garden in the backyard. Once again, you showed up when you said you sadi you did and you finished when you said you would. Though this is simple concept, we have found it a rare quality in a company. We are your biggest fans.

Ken Nichols Portland, Oregon

We think what blew us away more than everything was the extra care and consideration everyone took to clean up any remnants of debris from the project. From sweeping to hosing off the walk – these guys did it all! This was our largest home project to undertake and it far exceeded our expectations.

Gary and Jean Wilson Portland, Oregon

All our neighbors have “wall envy”. I especially want to compliment your employees that installed the wall. They were courteous, efficient and safe. Not only have my neighbors complimented you on your beautiful wall, but they have also said what a pleasure your employees were to speak with.

Anthony and Jackie Miller Tigard, Oregon

Sometimes we receive service beyond our expectation, and we feel compelled to tell others. This evening we came home to completed wall that was finished ahead of schedule and it looks even better than we envisioned.

Rich and Angela Hoge Beaverton, Oregon